Ideas to reality

The creation of a unique rug can be an exciting journey which always starts with an idea.

Turning that idea into reality will involve a company that knows the easiest way to success.

Let us help you along the journey with our expertise that has been built up over many years.

Whether an experienced designer, procurement manager or first-time buyer, our objective professional advice, will be the same.

It starts with a contact either by phone or email to establish whether we can help. To understand the brief we will need to know the scale, budget, timelines and complexity of the design.

If you feel we can help, we would recommend meeting, either at our factory or on-site to move to an initial design stage, selecting a colour palette, and giving a range of options that would be suitable for our production methods and capacity.

Design, colours, size and delivery time can now be finalised to enable us to give more precise details of cost and options.

Inevitably there will be small changes, and attention to logistics and access will be addressed.

All agreed, an order placed, and now look forward to the new piece of art to find it’s a new home.

Get in touch.

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