A hand-tufted rug requires no special care and can be vacuumed regularly, like any other floor covering. Remember to use the flat head (not the brush side) when vacuuming. Should liquid spill on your rug, simply dab with a paper towel – do not rub, for stronger stains, use DRY WONDER, available from most supermarkets. Should your rug need a proper clean, contact a professional carpet cleaning company in your area, and let them know you have a hand-tufted rug that needs cleaning.

Fluff and Vacuuming

New rugs can shed a bit of fluff, which is created from excess fibres that were not properly incorporated into the yarn during spinning. This is normal and is not a sign that your rug is poor quality. It is best to vacuum a rug often at first until the fluffing ceases. If you are able to control the power of your vacuum cleaner, ensure that it is at a medium setting. Do not use a cleaner head with teeth as this will damage the rug.


We use only the best quality wool and dyes for our yarn, that offers the most resistance to fading. Over time, rugs exposed to direct daily sunlight will fade naturally. The best way to mitigate this effect is to rotate the rug from time to time to ensure that the fading is evenly spread across the entire rug.

Loose Threads

If a thread becomes loose in your rug, do not pull it, but carefully cut it with sharp scissors. This will not damage the rug.

Moths and Moisture

Moths are especially attracted to places such as areas under furniture or where they would be relatively undisturbed. Although our yarn is moth treated prior to tufting, regular vacuuming will prevent moths from settling and breeding in the rug fibres.

Pile Recovery

In areas where the pile has been indented or crushed by heavy furniture, simple vacuum with the flat head of the vacuum and see the pile magically return to its original state!

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