The art of rugmaking


( meaning: distinctive floor decoration as an indication of taste )

Rugalia is a company based in Cape Town, dedicated to the manufacturing of hand made tufted rugs. Production is by our highly skilled locally trained staff who share a collective pride and sincere appreciation for their craft.

Tufting each rug is an art form and care is taken in exacting the detail that the customer’s brief has called for, and in many cases exceeding their expectation.

Over the past 20 years, we have applied our rug-making skills to homes, hotels and offices around the world, ever-increasing our reputation for design, quality and service.

A creative rug design co.

Creativity is the backbone of our company and we relish the challenge of pushing the boundaries of rug design.

We work with a number of external design studios and collaborate with individual designers both locally and abroad.

Developing a rug design is a personal journey and one we would like you to take us on.

How we make our rugs


The loom is sized and primary backing fabric stretched over it ready for the design which is carefully drawn by hand


We use a process in which tufts of wool are punched through a primary backing fabric. Our tufters are trained to reproduce every detail of the design with accuracy.
When the Tufting is complete and checked against the original design a secondary backing fabric is applied to secure the yarn.


The rug is now ready for trimming, edging, smoothing or carving, depending on the design, this is followed by a detailed quality check which takes place before the Rugalia Quality Assurance label can be applied.

Yarn Makeup

The Yarn used is spun and dyed in South Africa and is a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. This combination provides complete colour fastness, ensures durability and the addition of nylon reduces the natural shedding of the wool yarns.

Pile Types

Cut Pile: Strands of yarn are cut on the surface of the rug.
Loop Pile: Strands of yarn form loops on the surface of the rug.
Plush Pile: Longer strands giving a shaggy appearance.

Pile Heights

Short cut pile: height approx. 1.5cm including backing fabric.
Medium cut pile: height approx. 2.0cm including backing fabric.
Loop Pile: height approx. 2.0cm including backing fabric.
Plush Pile: height approx. 5.0cm including backing fabric.

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