Featured Scatter Cushions

2024 is the year of vision! Our visionary scatter cushions are designed to revitalize your ME TIME sanctuary. Crafted with care in our factory, each cushion measures a cozy 50cm x 50cm and boasts hand-tufted detailing. Featuring an easily removable cover, complete with a premium bull denim backing and high-quality zip, these cushions are as practical as they are stylish. Machine washable on delicate or wool cycles, they effortlessly maintain their pristine allure. Special launch price of R980 per cushion cover.

Ideas to reality

The creation of a bespoke rug is an exciting journey.

Turning rug ideas into reality is what our company specialises in.

We have the expertise and more than 40 years of cumulative experience in rugmaking.

Whether you are an experienced designer, a project procurer, or a discerning home owner, our professional approach to creating a floor art masterpiece is the hallmark of personalised designer rug creation.

The rug creation journey is initiated by engaging with us via email at info@rugalia.com or Whatsapp on 084 285 8679 to discuss your exact rug requirements.

If you feel we can help, we would recommend meeting, either at our factory or on-site to move to an initial design stage, selecting a colour palette, and giving a range of options that would be suitable for our production methods and capacity.

Design, colours, size and delivery time can now be finalised to enable us to give more precise details of cost and options.

Inevitably there will be small changes, and attention to logistics and access will be addressed.

All agreed, an order placed, and now look forward to the new piece of art to find it’s a new home.


Clients are welcome to submit their own design inspiration for manufacture, ensuring a bespoke one-of-a-kind rug.

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