The Process Heading
Manufacturing IconManufacturing
Preparing the looms
rolls of loom   Primary backing fabric is stretched onto our wood looms(frame). The design is drawn onto the backing fabric, either copying from a transparency from an overhead projector, or by drawing a free-hand design onto the backing fabric.  Loom 
Tufting Technique
Tufting Gun 

A skilled tufter uses a tufting gun to stitch yarn through the backing fabric, following the designers' line drawing.

On the other side of the rug, the hand trimmer trims the tufted area, to secure colour separation & ensure definition of the fine design lines.                          

A hand trimmer 
Shearing Process
man shearing a rug  After completing the tufting process, an industrial strength glue, together with a secondary backing, is applied to the reverse side of the rug. As soon as the glue is dry (24 - 48 hours), the rug is cut from the frame & brought onto the floor area.


Finally, the rug is edged & carefully trimmed with a shearing machine to obtain a smooth finish. Intricate designs lines are trimmed by hand.  
shaering process 
Different textures
different textures 

Pile height:

Medium cut pile & loop pile app 2.0cm (backing included)

Short cut pile & loop pile app 1.5cm (backing included)

Plush pile (shaggy) app 5.0cm (backing included)


image of the yarn 

A blend of 80% wool / 20% nylon.

The wool / nylon blend provides an excellent resilience, is easily maintained and gives you a lasting appearance. It combines the softness of wool and the durability properties of nylon. Nylon is an important factor in the prevention of shedding.

Approximately 4.5kg yarn used per m²







 Basic Carpet Care

Walk-off Mats
• Quality walk-off mats are recommended at entrances to reduce dirt from being walked into carpets.
• Vacuum your carpet thoroughly and frequently in well used areas to prevent soil from settling into the pile
• Shedding is a natural process of wool rugs. 

• Thorough vacuuming is recommended. 

• The shedding process stops in time.
Spills & Marks
• Spills should be treated immediately which will prevent spillage from penetrating the fibres. 
• Never rub stains, rather blot up with white towelling paper. 
• Maintain heavy traffic routes with carpet cleaning powder regularly.
Professional Cleaning

• As our rugs are thickly tufted, it is important to have your rug cleaned, before it becomes too dirty. The drying process of our rugs are extremely important; use a professional carpet/rug cleaning company, specializing in "dry foam" cleaning rugs. In Cape Town & surrounding areas, we recommend Town & Country - 021 461 5288 



Spot Cleaning

• For water based spills, blot with paper towel & sprinkle stain with a dry powder agent (“Dry Wonder”- available from Pick & Pay outlets); lightly work the powder into the effected area, leave standing for 30 minutes & vacuum. Tougher stains may require 2 or 3 treatments.